In Loving Memory of my Father, Clark A. Cook Sr.



This S-2 Tracker is undergoing restoration at Mr. Duncan Miller's museum at the Nut Tree Airport in Vacaville, California. The photo at the bottom right of this sequence is a painting of Mr. Miller's Tracker.

(Photos by Clark Cook)



(Photos courtesy of Cavanaugh Flight Museum)



This Stoof is owned by David D. Jackson. The Aircraft is located at the Anderson, Indiana Airport.

(Photos courtesy of David D. Jackson)



Mr. Van Vossen was the owner of this US-2B until August 2000. The bureau number of this aircraft is 136691 (N36AM) and the color scheme of Naval Air Facility Washington. Unfortunately this Stoof, is not airworthy at this moment. This aircraft was based at Shafter Airport (CA) in May of 2000. The U.S.S. Hornet Museum in Alameda is now the new owner of this Stoof. The Stoof was transferred to Alameda by the end of August 2000.



A special thanks to Corne' Rodenburg and Erick McCarthy