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Miss Belle Needs Your help! 

Both the right and left engine are installed and cowled up. Following some painting on the cowl rings, the props will be installed. The annual inspection is in progress and minor squawks are being addressed. Trader Air is actively seeking donations to bring this historic Viet Nam veteran back to flying status. We have just over 30 days before Oshkosh Air Adventure 2013 which will be our first show in over 10 years. Donations can be sent to TRADER AIR @ 1429 SW 32ND ST. Topeka, KS. 66611. Thank you for your support and Keep "em" flying.

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New! S-2 Tracker Paintings
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My sister site is now open to the public. It features photos taken at the recent airshows in Northern California. Click here to enter the site:


Logo courtesy of Captain Wilkins, Hollister Air Attack Base

S-2 Tracker Models


Air Attack T-Shirts

Honoring the pilots, crews and aircraft 
that fight fire from above

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Wildland Fire Artwork By Brian Estes

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Air Images By Barry Rudolph

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In Memory of Larry Groff T-87 and Lars Stratte T-92
August 27, 2001
We fondly remember Larry Groff and Lars Stratte.
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Support our Troops

In loving memory of the Crew of the Space Shuttle Columbia

February 1, 2003

Rick D. Husband William C. McCool Michael P. Anderson
David M. Brown Kalpana Chawla Laurel Clark

Ilan Ramon

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(Courtesy of The Goleta Air & Space Museum)

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