Flight Simulator Models

CDF Model (Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002)

A model for the Flight Simulator 2002 is now available for download. This model can simulate a retardant drop. INSTALLATION: Upon unzipping the file RLCDF-S2.ZIP, you will notice the standard folders for FS2002, the "sound and panel" folders point to the Cessna C182.These 2 folders can be modified to point to a custom sound and panel of your choice, thus giving you a more realistic sensation.

It also contains a file called "FX_LARGE05.FX", this file goes into the FS2002 "effects" folder NOT the model folder. It works with the "I" key, and you will be able to see both the regular engine smoke and the special effects chemical dropping. To operate the torpedo-bay, use the "/" key.

Created by Rey Lopez



U.S. Navy Model (Microsoft Flight Simulator 98)

A model for Microsoft Flight Simulator 98 is now available here for download. This model features the sound of the R-1820 radials, folding wings, functional landing/searchlights and animated propellers. To install: Download the .zip file to a folder named "usntrac". In the Flight Sim directory, move or copy the folder to the aircraft folder. The path will be c:\program files\microsoft games\flight simulator\aircraft\usntrac. Start the flight sim, choose the S-2 Tracker and you are ready to fly!

Created by Bob Tremblay




This is freeware. These files are strictly for your own personal, non-commercial use. Repainting or any form of modification to the files included in this package without a written permission is strictly forbidden.

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Here is a great screensaver. It is a Stoof flying over an aircraft carrier. As the Stoof saves your monitor, the roar of the R-1800's can be heard.

Click on the photo for a larger image of the screensaver